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I've seen small business web sites sit around for years, wasting money because they aren't getting any traffic. No traffic = No customers.


A web site is intended to bring more business, right?

Why have a web site if nobody sees it?

Would you continue to buy radio advertising if it didn't increase your business?


Even if a site is "optimized" it can still be virtually invisible to your potential customers.

The final step in developing an Internet presence is web site promotion. These days, more people consult the Internet before looking in the yellow pages. It's faster, easier and more informative.

It's many times cheaper to advertise and promote on the Internet than with the conventional media, and more effective if properly implemented - that means more bang for your buck. Advertising on the web gives you full control and measurable results.

We'll continue to work with you long after your web site design and optimization are complete.

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