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Small Business Web Hosting:
Finding a provider

Whether or not you actually transact business on line, having a web site is no longer an option for most small businesses. Many customers will not buy from a company that does not have a web presence.

With so many small business web hosting providers, how does one make the right choice? Most are heavy on marketing and "appearance" but fail to deliver when their customers need support or have a problem.

Be sure to check out a potential service thoroughly before signing up. Do they offer live chat, phone or 24/7 email support? If not, be afraid - or at least be cautious. The majority of discount hosting services do not deliver when it comes to customer service!

Skyserver.NET is hosted by a well established small business web hosting provider, HostMonster.com. Yhey maintain a state-of-the-art "server farm" staffed 24/7 and continuously updated with all the latest security patches, bells and whistles. 99% up-time is guaranteed.

Their Linux/Apache operating system gives the highest reliability while being less prone to attack by hackers and viruses. If you plan to have more than one domain, be sure to check out the "hidden" charges for things like "domain parking." This can add up in a hurry if you have multiple domains and web sites!

HostMonster.com delivers 24/7 live support and does not charged extra for subdomains or parked domains. These hidden charges can add up in a hurry if you have multiple domains.

Administer your virtual server with CPanel, a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface for email, account maintenance & settings, statistics and more.





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